Eruslu Hygienic Products, whose roots date back to 1966, began its activities in 2004 with the production of diapers.

This is one of the leading companies in Turkey in terms of production capacity and it is constantly evolving. 

Beyaz Kağıt is founded in Adana. The company is one of Turkey’s top 5 detergent manufacturers with its approximately 1,500 tones detergent production capacity per day. It exports to total 72 countries in Middle East, Africa, the Balkans and Central Asia. 

Ukip Cosmetics is one of the leading companies in the field of hair cosmetics due to its expertise and modern facilities. It is established in 1982. The company now exports to all over the world. 

Yenigun has stepped into diaper sector in 2004. This is one of the first diaper producers in the region. It has soon after  gained the respect of Turkish and national companies.

Lider Cosmetic was founded in 1978 in Istanbul. It has become  an international power in developing high quality, innovative products in line with the requirements of the consumers in personal care and cosmetic industry.

Atessonmez chemical industry is located in the Industrial Area of Baspinar in Gaziantep. It has been producing  various types of soaps, dish washing detergents, air fresheners, bleach, and glass cleaners since 1998.

This is a family founded company in 2001. The company experienced a rapid success in a short period of time to become a big name in the region.

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